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Diagnostic Histopathology

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Diagnostic Histopathology

Cover Image - Diagnostic Histopathology, Volume 28, Issue 1

This monthly review journal aims to provide the practising diagnostic pathologist and trainee pathologist with up-to-date reviews on histopathology and cytology and related technical advances.

Each issue contains invited articles on a variety of topics from experts in the field and includes a mini-symposium exploring one subject in greater depth. Articles consist of system-based, disease-based reviews and illustrated case reports. They update the readers on day-to-day diagnostic work and keep them informed of important new developments. The journal aims to cover the main breadth of histopathology in a three year cycle.

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Elsevier’s Diagnostic Histopathology is a continually updated, evidence-based learning resource designed for trainees, providing a comprehensive review of the latest histopathological, cytological and related technical advances. Curated by a team of experienced experts, this resource only publishes commissioned work and every article is written to ensure accessibility and accuracy. An essential learning tool, it is affiliated with the Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland.

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Complete coverage of the essentials

Diagnostic Histopathology is the ideal companion for trainees. Each issue includes a mini-symposium exploring a specific topic in detail, using system-based and disease-orientated reviews. Each issue also includes a Case Report written by members of the Trainees Committee at the Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland, with associated self-assessment questions to help test your learning.

Six ways we help trainees

  1. High calibre, specialist clinical content
  2. Each article commissioned by invitation - delivering trusted expertise
  3. Eminent international Editorial Board, including representatives from North America, Canada, Europe and the UK
  4. Case Reports and self-assessment questions with more online
  5. Highly illustrated content
  6. Knowledge base of 1,200+ articles – with new content added monthly!

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